Herbal Medicine

Since we started growing garlic, I have learned lots about its health benefits. We now use it as much for our health as for its taste. I started looking further into medicinal uses of other foods when the shelves at our local drug stores were empty of children's medication. I started asking questions. What if my children got sick? Why should I rely on those medications? What are the alternatives?

My research led to the knowledge that foods that we already grow or are growing locally could help build up our immune system and other herbs and flowers that I could easily grow were able to take the place of most over the counter medications we buy.

Over the winter months I purchased and prepared herbal remedies and when illness tried to find its way into our home, we quickly fought it back with the remedies we hand on hand. To my delight our home-made remedies worked.

herbal remedies

So, this summer I will be adding a medicinal herb garden to our property to allow me to grow all the necessary herbs to take care of my family.

Information to note prior to using herbal remedies.

  1. Are you using any prescription medications that could have interactions with herbal remedies? You should speak to your doctor if taking medications or if you are pregnant.
  2. What illnesses are your family prone to? Colds, allergies, bumps, burns, or scrapes. Check out remedies for those first.
  3. Are there any herbal remedies growing naturally in my area?
  4. Look for easy to use and easy to access herbal remedies such as garlic for earaches, cayenne for cuts, sage for a sore throat.


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