Collection: Seed Garlic

Ready to put your green thumb to the test and grow your own garlic? Our expansive seed garlic collection is where you get started. Your fall planting will produce a harvest just in time for the spring season. As you assess your options, here are a few helpful guidelines:
  • Duganski garlic- Perfect choice if full flavor is your preference
  • Russian Red garlic- Expect a larger-than-average yield in cloves per bulb
  • Music garlic- Best for the chef-on-the-go who appreciates a garlic that peels easily
If this is your first time planting Ontario garlic, it's a lot easier than you might expect. There are a few tips to follow for best results. For starters, planting in autumn is ideal. This allows the plants ample time to develop roots to keep them thriving through the cold winter months. When winter rolls around, the roots stop growing, and it's good practice to mulch as this preserves nutrient-rich soil and minimizes the negative effects of cold winds.